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Happy Pakhala Divasa-March 20-Odisha’s Delicacy

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Pakhala Divas, What and Why?

Promoting the primitive odia food,  people of Odisha decided to celebrate march 20 as Pakhala Divas. The day is celebrated on 20th march by eating Pakhala Odisha wide. It is the time, when the summer arrives, and everyone wants  to be cooled. So nothing else could do it like Pakhala. The delicious dish has both taste and health benefits. As a cool welcome to the hot summer, Odisha people celebrate the day eating Pakhala along with other dishes. With more awareness, it can reach more people and Pakhala might get a global food item tag due to it’s popularity.

Pakhaḷa is a traditional  Odia food item which is made by mixing cookd rice washed or little fermented in water. The liquid part formed by the fermentation of Rice and water is termed as toraṇi. Drinking Torani after eating Pakhala is recommended as Torani has some medicinal virtues like better growth of hair and it also keeps any type of stomach diseases far away. Actually, the dish is not only famous in Odisha, but is also popular in the states of Paschim Banga, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu.

Alongside dishes

Alongside dishes that serve with Pakhala are Bhaja, Saga bhaja, Badi chura, Fish fry(Macha Bhaja) Alu Bharata etc.

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