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Chilly Paneer Recipe


Chilly Paneer

Chilly Paneer


Paneer – 250 gm

Onion – 2 medium ( cubed )

Capsicum – 1

red chillies – 2( cut diagonally )

Minced ginger – 1 tsp

Minced garlic – 1tsp

Tomato sauce/ tomato ketchup – 3 tbs

Soya sauce – 2 tbs

Chilly garlic sauce – 2  tbs

Salt to taste

Corn flour – 1 tbs

Water – 3 tbs

Method :

Hit the gas, take a pan add 1 tablespoon oil into it, when the get hot lower the flame.

Add minced ginger, minced garlic, cubed onions and sauté until onions are soft.

Add tomato sauce, soya sauce, chilly garlic sauce and cook for few minutes until oil starts to separate.

Add capsicum and stir it until capsicums are half boiled.

Then add paneer cubes (without fried) and coat it in the sauces and cook it covered for 3- 5 minutes.

Finally dissolve 1 tbs of corn flour in 3 tbs of water and pour this to the paneer and mix well. Cook for another 1-2 minute and turn of the flame.

Chilli Paneer is ready.

This dish is mainly served with roti, naan or boiled rice.

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