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Bandha Kobi Tarkari – Cabbage Curry

Bandha Kobi Tarkari - Cabbage Curry

Bandha Kobi Tarkari – Cabbage Curry


Patra kobi ( cabbage ) – 750gm
Piaja ( Onion ) – 100gm
Aada ( Ginger ) – 1inch
Rasuna ( Garlic ) – 15 cloves
Tamato ( Tomato) -75gm
Matara ( Green peas ) – 250gm
Aalu ( Potato ) – 150 gm
Sukhila Lanka ( Dry chilies ) – 1pc
Jeera ( cumin seeds ) -1tps
Sorisha ( Mustard seeds ) – 2tps
Haladi Gunda ( Turmeric powder ) – 1 tsp
Tela ( Refined Tela ) – 4btps
Luna ( Salt ) -As per requirement



Cut the cabbage into tiny slices. Also cut the potatoes into small cube sizes.
Takeout the seeds from the green peas and keep it aside. Cut the onion (100gm) into thin slices and cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
Make a fine paste of onion (100gm), ginger, garlic and dry chillies.
Heat oil in pan; add mustard seeds and cumin seed. Allow spluttering.
Then add the onion slices (from step-2) and fry it till it turns light brown.
Add the masala paste (from step-3) to it and stir it. Add half table spoon of Jerra powder and Coriander powder. Fry this paste over medium flame until it begins turning a light brown.
Add the tomatoes (from step-2) and continue to fry till the paste is well cooked.
Then add the cabbage, potatoes, green peas, turmeric powder and salt as per taste to it and stir it properly.
Lid the pan with a cover and cook it in a medium flame till the cabbage and potatoes tender cooked .Serve it hot with Roti or Phulkas.

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